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Local & International Flight

When it comes to Flying with ease Internationally and/or Domestically, we've got you covered at Remmykay Travels as you can be rest assured when it comes to booking of flights either for domestic and/or international traveling, we use our professionalism to help you get the best flights without breaking your bank.

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for your local pick up and delivery within Abuja, Remmykay Travels are the best, as we are fast, reliable, efficient, swift, and with love and extreme care, we pick up and deliver your packages with the speed of light as we deliver happy endings...….

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Travels & Tours

We help people make travel arrangements, which might include booking flights, hotels, sightseeing tours, and making dining reservations. At Remmykay travels we assess each customer's unique needs, preferences, and budget to ensure their trip goes as smoothly as possible.

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DHL Services

For your local, domestic, and international shipping of packages, Remmykay Travels has partnered with DHL in making that possible. With little or no stress you can get your package shipped anywhere around the world at affordable prices and on time.

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Hotel Reservations

whenever you feel like making a trip and need to book accommodation ahead, we are ever ready to take the stress off your shoulders with our professional research by helping you look out and book top notch hotels that offer exquisite comfort without breaking the bank

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For your traveling and student visa consultation and how to go about it. Remmykay Travels is at the forefront of helping you out, with our swift and professional services, all at an affordable price.


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